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Key Value TraductionComment
aeroway aerodrome AérodromeAn Aerodrome (UK), Airport (US)
aeroway helipad HélisurfaceHelicopter start/landing pad
KeyValue / TypeComment
amenity NurseryCrècheCréche
amenity college Universitéa college campus or buildings
amenity library BibliothèqueA public library (municipal, university, …) to borrow books from.
amenity school LycéeLycée
amenity university campus universitairea university campus
amenity fountain fontaineA fountain for cultural / decorational / recreational purposes.
amenity theatre théâtrea theatre or opera house
amenity community_centre A place mostly used for local events and festivities.
amenity social_centre A place for free and not-for-profit activities.
amenity muster_pointA place mostly used for local events and festivities.
amenity arts_centre Centre culturelA venue where a variety of arts are performed or conducted
amenity cinema CinémaA place where films are shown (US: movie theater)
amenity nightclub Boîte de nuitA place to drink and dance (nightclub). The german word is "Disco" or "Discothek". Please don't confuse this with the german "Nachtclub" wich is most likely amenity=stripclub.
amenity clinic CliniqueA medium-sized medical facility or health centre.
amenity hospital HôpitalOften used in conjunction with emergency=* to note whether or not the hospital has emergency facilities (A&E (brit.) or ER (am.))
amenity social_facility établissement socialA facility that provides social services.
amenity nursing_home établissement socialA home for disabled or elderly persons who need permanent care. See social_facility=* for more details.
amenity pharmacy pharmaciePharmacy (tag "dispensing" inutile en France)
amenity post_office bureau de postePost office building with postal services
amenity police poste de policeA police station
amenity recycling Point de collecte / recyclageRecycling facilities (bottle banks etc.). Combine with recycling_type=container for containers or recycling_type=centre for recycling centres.
amenity embassy EmbassadeAn embassy
amenity fire_station A Fire station
amenity post_box Boîte à lettresAlternative mail-carriers can be tagged via operator=*
amenity courthouse A place where justice is dispensed
amenity prison A prison
amenity townhall MairieBuilding where the administration of a village, town or city may be located, or just a community meeting place
amenity place_of_worship A church, mosque, or temple, etc. Note that you also need religion=*, usually denomination=* and preferably name=* as well as amenity=place_of_worship. See the article for details.
amenity coworking_spaceex. "La Poudrière"
amenity CharityOrganisme carritatifex. "Unicef"
amenity bicycle_parking Parking à véloParking for bicycles
amenity parking Parking autoCar park. Nodes and areas (without access tag) will get a parking symbol. Areas will be colored. Streets on car parking are often tagged highway=service and service=parking_aisle.
amenity parking_space A single parking space. Group multiple parking spaces together with a relation using the tags type=site and site=parking.Do not mix with amenity=parking.
amenity car_sharing Station autopartageShare a car
amenity charging_station Borne de rechargementCharging facility for electric vehicles
amenity fuel Petrol station; gas station; marine fuel; … Streets to petrol stations are often tagged highway=service.
amenity taxi TaxiA place where taxis wait for passengers.
Key Value Comment
building cathedral A building that was built as a cathedral. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=* and denomination=* for the cathedral grounds where it is in current use.
building chapel A building that was built as a chapel. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=* and denomination=* for the chapel grounds where it is in current use.
building church A building that was built as a church. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=* and denomination=* for the church grounds where it is in current use.
building civic For any civic amenity, for example community_centre, library, public toilets, sports_centre, swimming_pool, town-hall etc. Use amenity=* or leisure=* etc to provide further details.
building hospital HôpitalA building which forms part of a hospital. Use amenity=hospital for the hospital grounds.
building school For any generic school buildings. Buildings for specific uses (sports halls etc) should be tagged for their purpose. Use amenity=school for the perimeter of the school grounds.
building train_station A train station building. Or is it building=station?
building transportation Un bâtiment liés au transport public.
building university A university building. Use amenity=university for the whole university area.
building public A public building. Don't use amenity=public_building.
Key Value Comment
emergency aed défibrillateurAn Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a first-aid device that automates the process of diagnosing life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia and performing defibrillation. This tag and the medical=aed tag are still being debated; see Proposed features/automated external defibrillator.
emergency ambulance_station An ambulance station is a structure or other area set aside for storage of ambulance vehicles, medical equipment, personal protective equipment, and other medical supplies.
emergency fire_extinguisher extincteurA fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.
emergency phone téléphone d'urgenceAn emergency phone is specifically provided for making calls to emergency services and is most often found in a place of special danger.
Key Value Comment
historic archaeological_site A place in which evidence of past activity is preserved
historic battlefield The site of a battle or military skirmish in the past. this could be on land or at sea.
historic boundary_stone A historic boundary stone usually found along the way.
historic castle Other languages
historic cannon A historic/retired cannon. Ussually found at on forts or battlefields.
historic city_gate A city gate (or town gate) is a gate within a city wall.
historic farm A historical farm, kept in it's original state. See for example the Oost-Bellegoed farm in Ypres:
historic fort A military fort - distinct from a castle as it is generally more modern
historic manor Historic manors/mansions having different use today
historic memorial Much like a monument, but smaller. Might range from a WWII memorial to a simple plate on a wall.
historic monument An object, especially large and made of stone, built to remember and show respect to a person or group of people. Other languages
historic ruins Remains of a castle or alike, usage was abandoned. A replacement proposal can be found at Proposed_features/ruins for ruins of historic buildings. E.g. historic=castle, ruins=yes
historic rune_stone A runestone is typically a raised stone with a runic inscription. [5]
historic wayside_cross A historical (usually christian) cross. Frequently found along the way in southern germany, austria and probably elsewhere.
historic wayside_shrine A historical shrine often showing a religious depiction. Frequently found along the way in southern germany, austria and probably elsewhere.
historic wreck Nautical craft that has unintentionally been sunk or destroyed.
historic ship A de-commissioned ship or submarine
historic user defined All commonly used values according to Taginfo
Historic buildingWhere the type of feature is not known, or irrelevant, or where the contributor prefers to define the type of structure in additional tags, then it is possible to use a generic value for the "historic" tag
Historic industrialWhere the type of feature is not known, or irrelevant, or where the contributor prefers to define the type of structure in additional tags, then it is possible to use a generic value for the "historic" tag
Historic houseDomestic structures
Historic mineIndustrial structures
Historic mine_shaftIndustrial structures
Historic quarryIndustrial structures
Historic mine_aditIndustrial structures
Historic earthworksMilitary structures
Historic moatMilitary structures
Historic churchReligious features
Historic tumulusPre-history
Historic stone_circlePre-history
Historic menhirPre-history
Historic standing_stonePre-history
Historic roman_roadTransport
Historic railway_stationTransport
Historic bridgeTransport
Historic milestoneTransport
Historic wallOther
Historic wellOther
Historic boundary_markerOther
Historic follyOther
Key Value Comment
landuserecreation_groundAn open green space for general recreation, which may include pitches, nets and so on, usually municipal but possibly also private to colleges or companies
Key Value Comment
leisure beach_resort To mark the boundary of a managed beach.
leisure bird_hide A place to observe birds.
leisure common An area where the public can walk anywhere (UK)
leisure garden Place where flowers and other plants are grown in a decorative and structured manner or for scientific purposes.
leisure golf_course The outline of a golf course. The node form may be used to place an icon within the course. This tag implies sport=golf.
leisure ice_rink A place where you can skate or play ice hockey.
leisure marina For mooring leisure yachts and motor boats
leisure miniature_golf A place or area that you can play miniature golf.
leisure nature_reserve
leisure park open, green area for recreation, usually municipal
leisure pitch e.g. a field for playing football/soccer, cricket, baseball sports, and skate parks. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
leisure playground Playground for little children.
leisure social_club A place where members meet for activities or relaxation, such as a hunting club.
leisure sports_centre To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
leisure stadium A major sports arena with substantial tiered seating. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
leisure swimming_pool A swimming pool, see also Proposed_features/Swimming_pool and Tag:amenity=swimming_pool
leisure track e.g. running, cycle-racing, greyhound, horses. To describe what kind of sport(s) use sport=*.
leisure water_park Amusement area with water slides, recreational swimming pools and dressing rooms.
leisure wildlife_hide A place to observe wildlife. See also leisure=bird_hide.
leisure hackerspace A place where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialise and/or collaborate.
Key Value Comment
officeaccountantAn office for an accountant.
officeadministrativeLocal authorities, administrative and supervising institutions that are not related to state government.
officecampingAn office at a camping or recreational park. Also called reception.
officeemployment_agencyAn office for a employment agency.
officegovernmentAn office for a government agency or department.
officenewspaperThe office for a newspaper.
officengoAn office for a non-government organisation.
officequangoAn office for a quango (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation).
officeresearchAn office for R&D.
Key Value Comment
railwaystationGare ferroviaireRailway station (Other languages).
Key Value Comment
shopbicycleA shop that sells bicycles, bicycle equipment and may rent or repair them
Key Value Comment
tourism attraction A general tourism attraction, this tag is often used in addition with other tags (like historic=*).
tourism artwork A tag for public pieces of art.
tourism museum Museum.
tourism viewpoint A place, often high, with a good view of surrounding countryside or notable buildings, lookout. Sometimes called a vista point or scenic area/point.
tourism zoo Zoological garden.
tourism yes To add tourist interest to something described by other tags.
tourism guest_houseMaison d'hôteGuest house. Accommodation without hotel license that is typically owner-operated, offers a room and breakfast with staff not available 24/7, ranging from purpose-built guest houses to family-based Bed&Breakfast.
tourism hostelHôtelHostel.
tourism hotelHôtelHotel.
tourism informationInformation resource for tourists and visitors. To additionally describe the kind of information use information=*.
tourism motelMotelMotel.
Key Value Comment
Nom d'organisation (operator)
Key Value Comment
operator*université*Contient le mot "université"
operator*CNRS*Contient le mot "CNRS"